You are wearing a part of history that started in 1935. A timeless tradition from Resteröd, the bay in Bohuslän, who through its garments have taken itself out in the country and through the urbanization. This can be felt in every timeless garment, designed for the work of the time, with incisions and cuts who are thoroughly developed and produced to how life looks today.

Our existence is dependent on the earth's resources, so, therefore, we must adjust to the environment and not the other way around. Our work is consistent. We inspect every detail, twist and turn on choices of material, always searching for alternatives.

We have cotton that is organic. We use bamboo that is a fast-growing resource. Lyocell that demands less water in its production and is said to be the material of the future. Our packaging is going through a big change, from plastic to recycled cardboard, with boats to ship instead of by air. Our labels have become less coated to take away the poising wax and are now made of recycled materials to shield our planet. But above all, our production cycles are long and the garments are made to stay fashionable for a long time.

We are still working on a small scale where production is still made from smaller family businesses, just like our roots in Ljungskile. We work with smaller factories, with good relations and high CSR-demands (Corporate Social Responsibility). We make sure that the factories impact society in a positive way when it comes to social, financial and environmental aspects.