It’s time to write a new chapter of the MOS MOSH history and welcome a little brother to the family. A men’s line – MOS MOSH Gallery. The inspiration comes from the simple Nordic look combined with Italian finesse. Sharing the same values as MOS MOSH when it comes to high quality garments, fit and our signature twist.

From the very beginning the vision was to make an internationally commercial re-thinking luxury brand. Every garment is carefully well-thought of down to every last detail. MM Gallery fully embodies the principles of timeless sophistication and relaxed elegance. The garments are made to be worn more than once; they are made to last.

Bernhards Koffert har alltid ett antal fina basplagg i lager från Mos Mosh Gallery. Deras T-shirts och skjortor sydda i extremt tätstickad jersey kan man inte få nog av. Vi har också Abel sweatshirt i många färger. Den är stickad i viskos och lite syntetmaterial och är otroligt skön att bära.

Nedan visas några aktuella plagg från Mos Mosh Gallery.

Mos Mosh Gallery Harvey Polo SS Tee 501990
Mos Mosh Gallery Milo Plage Overshirt 503413 - Hunt Plage String Pant 503411
Mos Mosh Gallery Ramos Check Knit 503330 Hunt Plage String Shorts 503410
Mos Mosh Gallery Leaf Printed SS Shirt 503770